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Platelet rich plasma

Platelet-Rich-Plasma aka PRP is a concentrated form of high platelet count preparation obtained from patient’s own blood.

It is prepared by a process known as ‘centrifugation’ where the extracted blood is allowed to spin twice inside a PRP centrifugation machine.

First stage is ‘Extraction of Blood’:

Depending on the type of treatment you want, a small amount of blood is extracted. This is done under standard procedures. The surrounding and environment is hygienic and sanitized.

Secondly (Centrifugation):

The extracted blood is then transferred into sterile special PRP tubes to facilitate spinning. It is a two stage process done with the help of centrifuge PRP machine.

Finally, the concentrated Platelet rich solution:

This stage is reached the PRP solution is concentrated. The optimal PRP platelet concentration must contain at least five folds of the base line platelets count. At CARA Aesthetics, we follow standard double spin protocol to achieve maximum platelets concentration.

How it works

To understand PRP we have to first understand the role of platelets in our body. Platelets are like other cells of our body which has some important function like healing wounds, formation of new capillaries, and collagen induction.

There are several growth factors released by platelets in its activation stage. All these growth factors are responsible for its variety of uses like, skin rejuvenation, hair loss problems, collagen induction & more.

Aesthetic use of PRP

Platelet-Rich-Plasma had been used successfully in multiple indications like cardiac issues, ENT, Orthopaedic, and dermatology.

Higher amount of growth factors derived from platelets make it suitable to use in several dermatological indications such as treatment of androgenic alopecia, acne scar, graft survival in hair transplantation, skin rejuvenation, quicker healing of wound, face lifting and several other cosmetic procedure.


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PRP for Hair Loss

PRP is plasma with a concentrated amount of platelets. This is injected in the scalp of the patient to stimulate hair growth.

This technique is used to strengthen the hair follicles. This promotes longevity and energizes the inactive hair follicles to stimulate growth of hair.

PRP is a treatment for alopecia. Along with the hair transplant surgery, it helps the follicles in the donor area invigorating hair follicles in the recipient area to flourish.

This method requires multiple session depending on condition of patients.

At CARA, we invite you to try our revolutionary Hair Loss treatment with PRP.

Vampire facial

If you are tired of having dull and wrinkled skin, we recommend you to try our Vampire facial once. It is the combination of procedure where your face will be treated with both, PRP and Micro-needling.

It is a day time procedure and will take just an hour to complete. The associated downtown is of few hours only, so we recommend having this treatment in the evening when you have nothing important to do.

You can follow you routine from the next day. It is highly safe as other PRP treatment and highly effective.

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PRP for Acne scars

Dr. Asif is the pioneer in the treatment of Acne scar using Micro-needling and PRP.

If you have acne scars issues, visit us for the treatment with highly safe PRP injections and Collagen induction therapy (CIT).

You will experience minimal discomfort during the procedure and there is no downtime following the procedure.

Looking for PRP treatments? We have a solution for you.


Q. Are PRP injections painful?

Fortunately, PRP injection can be delivered with the thinnest needle available which eventually reduces the prick sensation to the very minimum. At CARA, we also use ice, vibrating device and other methods to reduce such prick sensation. We intend to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Mild heaviness is common following head injections which may last for few hours.

Q. Is PRP safe?

There is no chance of contamination as PRP is extracted from the patient’s own blood. One must ensure that the clinic maintains all the hygienic and sterility measures. At CARA Aesthetic we have specialized PRP kits for our patients designed according to Dr.Asif.

Q. How many sessions of PRP required?

PRP works in sessions and single treatment is usually unsatisfactory. We recommend you to try at least few sessions to get maximum results.

Q. How frequent will be the sessions?

There is no ideal interval for PRP treatments. It may vary from 1-4 weeks’ interval depending on concerned issue.

Q. Are the results of PRP therapy permanent?

A full course of PRP therapy gives significant results. However, the treatment needs to be repeated occasionally for maintaining good results.

Why Cara?

1. We are a dedicated team of qualified dermatologists offering Platelet-Rich-Plasma procedures in Mumbai.

2. At CARA, Dr. Mohd Asif is the pioneer in using Platelet-Rich-Plasma for aesthetic indications like Acne scars and such conditions. He has delivered multiples lectures at national and international level.

3. Our firm belief is that a patient deserves exceptional aesthetic care in a calm, hygienic, luxurious setting, with no interruption to their busy lifestyles.

4. The entire staff at CARA is dedicated to ensuring that your experience is as pleasant as possible.

5. We are offering the most researched treatments - PRP, providing optimal results with little or no recovery time.


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