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Non-Surgical Skin Treatment
Anti-Ageing Treatment

Anti-ageing solutions

We at CARA, at every steps want to benefit our client with wholesome approach to counter ageing process. We use combination of vitamins, minerals and newer molecules as oral and topical therapy. Our Vampire facial is enough to treat fine lines and gives radiant skin. Sagging of face, wrinkles, jowl and other age related changes can easily be reversed with dermal fillers and thread treatments with us.

Treat pigmentation

Sun tan, dark circle, acne scar or any kind of pigmentation, we at CARA provide solution for any kind of pigment related issues. Our special chemical peels remove stubborn pigmentation gradually. Latest glutathione treatment is highly effective for generalized lightening of whole body. Combination with newer depigmented agents like carotenoid, licorice extract along Vit-C give all time luminescence to your skin.

Pigmentation Treatment
Non-Surgical chin enhancement

Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement

An underdeveloped chin makes the nose appear larger and the area under the chin look more full. Also, ageing is a factor for receding chin, when one start losing support from underlying structure like muscles and bones. In any case, we recommend our non-surgical enhancement with filler for the correction of weak or receding chin. We inject hyaluronic acid fillers to bring chin in desired position. This will contour the shape your chin.

Non-Surgical Face Lift

The jowl around your jawline, the crow’s feet near your ey es and the overall drooping of the skin are a given in old age. Sagging of face is more marked on jowls, if you are feeling any age related changes, you need not worry. We use safe dermal fillers and threads treatments to give you a better version of yourself and restore the beautiful you.

Non-Surgical face lift
Non-surgical cheek enhancement

Non-surgical Cheek Enhancement

A flat cheek also takes the focal point of the face away from the eyes and down to the mouth. This produce the appearance of a droopy face. Replacing the volume of the cheeks has the effect of “lifting” the face. This procedure has added advantage of reducing nasolabial folds, and tear trough along with lifting the face. We use the safe dermal filler or threads treatments for restoring the lost volume.

Non-surgical Blepharoplasty

The delicate skin around the eye area is thin and becomes even thinner as you age. Drooping of fat under the lower eye lid create a hollowness around the eye. It makes eyes to look for tired and sunken in appearance. We inject a select combination of hyaluronic acid fillers to even out the plane beneath the eye and raise the skin. This is highly safe and gives immediate go away with long lasted tiredness of the eyes.

Non-surgical Blepharoplasty
Non-surgical jaw reduction

Non-surgical jaw reduction

large masseter muscle can create a large, heavy looking jaw, which makes a lower face to look wider and more square. This is undesirable for females as oval face is always desirable. We relex the masseter muscle and narrowed down the shape of lower face. We may also inject fillers along the jaw line which outline the shape of perfect jaw. All these treatments will make your jaw look straight and more youthful.

Non-surgical Lip enhancement

Adding volume to thin or normal lips is always rewarding. A youthful or defined lips add to the beauty of whole face. We use dermal filler to enhance or contour the lips. We believe in subtle changes to lips which give natural results. Additionally, Smoker line over the lips may require combination of treatments.

Non-surgical Lip enhancement
Acne Scar Treatment

Treat acne and scars

No matter acne or their scars, our combination of treatments will treat any of these problems. Acne scars make a person to look more mature, while acne spots are always unsightly in appearance. We use standard salicylic or black peel along with safe oral medicines to treat active acne. Microneedling and Platelet rich plasma treatments reduce acne scars and give you back the smoothness you wanted for your skin.

CARA Med-facials

We have incorporated highly researched molecules in our facial treatment. These active ingredients or molecules provide instant relief to acne, dullness, tanning and more skin problems. We recommend regular use of our facial for long term benefits.



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