Published on : 14 Aug, 2023

How brands are creating a lasting connect with their TG with pre-festive marketing blitz


While the peak festive season is still a couple of months away, the festive fervour is already reflecting in marketers’ plans from August itself. Over the years, Independence Day has turned into a mega shopping festival, coloured with patriotic flavour. For some years now, e-commerce platforms as well as the retail sector have been offering sales bonanzas to consumers. These festivities then continue till Raksha Bandhan, which usually falls around the Independence Day period.

What is dubbed the pre-festive period, is turning into a mega marketing exercise for brands and serves as an indicator of consumer as well as market sentiments as to how the peak festive season ahead will turn out to be.

Arun Srinivas, Director and Head of the Ads business, Facebook India (Meta), noted, “The festive season is always a time when businesses are gearing up for heightened consumer demand and marketers are looking at effective ways to tap this demand. Our festive insights will help in this regard, along with the reach of our platforms, the highly engaged audience on it and our ongoing investments in Reels, Business Messaging and in technology like AI.”

Sounding bullish about this year’s festive season, Dr Mohd Asif, Co-founder, Cara Clinic, said, “This festive season, we’re committed to empowering clients in their self-love journey – a celebration of distinctive beauty. This Independence Day and the festive seasons ahead, we stand united in our commitment to helping our clients discover and celebrate their distinctive beauty. It is more than just a journey – it’s an empowerment, a celebration, and an embodiment of self-love.”

Speaking to Adgully, an RPG Group spokesperson said, “At RPG Group, the celebration of happiness is a continuous journey, woven into the very fabric of our identity. ‘Hello Happiness’ isn’t just a mere brand promise; it’s a powerful ethos that we embody and enrich with each passing day.”

Speaking about their new collections, the RPG Group spokesperson added, “Our recent introduction, the ‘Hues of Happiness’ Art Collection, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing emotional well-being. This initiative breathes life into our offices, infusing them with the essence of joy and positivity. The upcoming ‘Hues of Freedom’ collection follows suit, paying homage to our national heroes and their undying spirit who granted us the gift of freedom. We recognise that genuine freedom thrives within an environment of happiness and elation.”

Marketing strategies also include involving social media influencers. Speaking on this, Meet Jatakia, Director of Branding and Marketing, Cossouq, said, “Collaborations with influencers and localised marketing amplify their presence, while seamless online-offline integration ensures a holistic shopping experience. This trend not only benefits consumers with cost savings, but also empowers brands to offer exciting deals and new products, boosting visitor numbers and providing new brands with an advantageous platform.”

Vimesh Dedhia, Co-founder, Acadzo, observed, “As a marketer, I have witnessed how forward-thinking brands approach the pre-festive season in India. This much-awaited time of the year isn’t just about sales and discounts, but a chance for brands to resonate deeply with the festive spirit with their customers. By fostering a sense of curiosity and self-improvement, brands create a lasting connection with their audience. Collaborations with educators and influencers amplify this message, highlighting the importance of learning amidst the festivities.”

“Furthermore, brands are embracing technology to offer immersive and engaging experiences, ensuring that learning becomes an integral part of the celebratory season. This holistic approach not only drives awareness followed by sales, but also empowers individuals on their personal growth journeys, making the pre-festive season truly enriching,” Dedhia concluded.

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