PRP for hair loss

Treat hair loss, scar & fine lines.

PRP for hair loss

Platelet is a component in the blood which helps in blood clotting and healing injuries. In the PRP method, blood is taken from the patients and platelets are separated from the extracted blood.

This is followed by a process where the numbers of platelets are increased through a process called ‘Centrifugation’. This concentration of platelets is then again added to the blood extracted.

PRP is plasma with a concentrated amount of platelets. This is injected in the scalp of the patient to stimulate hair growth.

This technique is used to strengthen the hair follicles. This promotes longevity and energizes the inactive hair follicles to stimulate growth of hair.

PRP is a treatment for alopecia. Along with the hair transplant surgery it helps the follicles in the donor area, and invigorates hair follicles in the recipient area to flourish.This method requires four sessions per month.

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