Modified FUE technique

Performed by trained and boards certified doctors

End results are natural looking

All standard hygienic environment maintained

Platelet and cytokine rich plasma aided hair transplant

our technique

The world’s most advanced FUE method of hair restoration for quality results.

We are currently using the most advanced FUE method of hair restoration for quality results. Our team of doctors is fully equipped and specialised with the advance knowledge of FUE, FUT and direct implantation of hair grafts. We use platelet-rich plasma and cytokine rich plasma for better healing and survival of hair grafts. Our sapphire needle helps us to make less traumatic and high-density slits. There are further modifications at each step which help us to have natural looking and dense hair at the end. If you are looking for an advance clinic to change your life, we are here you.

Fundamental steps in hair transplant surgery

  • Quality extraction of hair from a Donor site
  • Careful graft handling outside the body
  • Dense and appropriate Slits making
  • Careful Implantation of hair grafts 

Our Procedures

Platelet-rich plasma aided hair transplant for quick healing and maximum graft survival


At CARA we offer a method to restore your hairs without your head completely shaved. Our Non-Shaving Hair Restoration treatment we leave the hair on the top at its normal length. The decision for this procedure is taken at the time of consultation, so we recommend to book an appointment with us to check for your suitability.


Body hair transplant is a perfect choice for those who have much hair loss. This is therefore the suggested option for those who have a weak scalp donor area or have less hair to be harvested because of previous hair restoration procedures. Dr. Asif uses body hair from the back, beard, and chest for such treatments.


Fuller eyebrows add to the beauty and make your eyes look awesome. At CARA, we have treatment for eyebrows that look almost natural and enhanced. We suggest this procedure who have sparse or no eyebrows. Similar to male beard, it requires expertise and trained


Want to sport a perfect beard but don’t have much hair for it? CARA will help you to get trendy with the thick full beard with their beard transplant. It is performed for two reason, beard to scalp transplant or scalp to beard transplant. Beard transplant is different than scalp, as it requires special training and understanding of direction and characteristic of beard hairs.


Thinning or loss of hair is a result of gradual miniaturization of hair follicles in males. At CARA we have a solution your long standing baldness. Our internationally trained & certified dermatologist and hair transplant surgeons, Dr Asif performs modified FUE hair restoration for hair loss.


If you are female and looking for observing reduced hair volume and receding hairline, visit CARA. For women hair restoration, our special non shaving technique with modified follicular unit extraction (FUE) gives freedom to hair transplant completely go unnoticed.


If you have any traumatic scar or scaring dermatological condition at any hair bearing site, at CARA we hide it with hair restoration procedures. Scar hair transplant need special understanding of the procedure. We advocate a detailed consultation with our doctor and discuss your scar related hair loss issues.

PRP for hair loss

PRP is plasma with a concentrated amount of platelets. This is injected in the scalp of the patient to stimulate hair growth. This promotes longevity and energizes the inactive hair follicles to stimulate growth of hair. At CARA, we use standard double spin method with high platelet counts for maximum benefit.

our technique

Our modified follicular extraction technique is among the most advanced technique of hair transplant. We use platelet rich platelet rich plasma and cytokine rich plasma for better healing and survival of hair grafts. Our sapphire needle helps us to make less traumatic and high density slits.


Best graft survival rate

High density

No visible scarring

Artistic hair line

Minimum downtime

Highest patient comfort


Latest Sapphire tip slits making and direct implantation with implanter pens for high density and natural-looking hair transplant.


This patient was 28 years’ years old, with grade IV Norwood classification hair loss. Family history of baldness and his own hair loss problem brings Babar who is 28yrs to us. We encouraged him to take our PRP and CRP aided hair restoration surgeries. After 5 months waiting for final results, he visited us with remarkable hair growth. Natural hair line and density of hair had been achieved as expected. Number of grafts implanted: 2791

  • 453 single hairs grafts
  • 983 three hairs grafts
  • 1040 two hairs grafts
  • 315 four hair grafts


This patient was in his mid 30’s with Norwood Classification V Hair Loss. Dr. Asif developed a treatment plan for him that would include transplanting approximately 3,500 grafts utilizing FUE harvesting technique. With the first session, we covered front, top and mid of his scalp. He got amazing results which boost his confidence. Just after 4 months following his successful hair transplant, he is back to us for another session on the crown area.

  • 452 single hairs grafts
  • 1469 three hairs grafts
  • 1026 two hairs grafts
  • 491 four hair grafts

Why Cara hair transplant?

No agonizing pain, no visible scar, completely safe and long-lasting results.

When it comes to hair restoration surgery you have many choices. However here are some points you need to consider:

Understand the significance of this life changing experience and appreciate your desire to get a safe and quality hair transplant. Therefore, we don’t perform multiple unit grafts or straight lines in front. We endeavour and strive to give you natural looking results. All our surgeries are carried out by Dr.Mohd Asif who is a trained and certified hair restoration surgeon. In our clinic, we perform only one procedure at a time. Hence we are able to give our complete and dedicated focus to that one patient.

Our hair restoration procedures are performed by qualified and trained doctors. Technician are for minimal assistance only.

We follow the ISHRS guidelines for hair restoration while performing the procedures.

Our procedures are performed under sterile environment. We maintain all international standards for hygiene and have zero-tolerance to anything insanitary.

We employ advanced techniques in surgery and are updated through research and seminars. We combine state-of-the-art procedures with excellent treatments.

We are trained in all the advancement of hair restoration like direct hair implantation, Modified FUE and combination of treatment with platelet rich plasma.

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What our clients say?

Our Doctors


M.D. Dermatology

Dermatologist Dr.Mohd Asif is a trained and certified surgeon of hair transplant. He is also an aesthetic physician sought-after for skin treatments and in restoring his client’s facial youthful exuberance.

Dr. Aleena REHMAN


Otolaryngologist, Dr. Aleena Rehman is a certified surgeon with equipped knowledge of surgical anatomy and facial analysis, which has served as the foundation for her non-surgical cosmetic skills.

our clinic

“The aesthetic correction that I emphasize upon is one that is most natural; one that enhances my patient’s confidence and makes them feel wonderful. This is what I am passionate about.” Dr. Mohd Asif

Built on the bedrock of looking as close to your natural self as possible, CARA Aesthetics accentuates the beauty you are born with. Founded by Dr. Mohd Asif, M.D, skin, the clinic is focused on specific aesthetic procedures such as hair restoration procedures, non-surgical nose jobs, platelet rich plasma, anti-ageing & skin care treatments.

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How To Book Your Hair Transplant In Mumbai

We request you to fill the online consultation form along with 4-6 photos of you. You can submit your photos by going on to our link: free consultation form. We also request you to share your contact details of any mode of communication best suited to you.

As everyone is not fit for hair transplant surgery, our team of doctors will assess your medical eligibility for the surgery.

Once our doctors approve your medical eligibility for hair transplant they will further send a detailed report informing you of the most appropriate treatment. The reports will also guide you in all pre-procedure guidelines and medical test required. You will separately receive the cost of the procedure from our accounts team.

Once the above procedure is over, you can now choose a suitable date for the treatment. If you are travelling, we suggest you book well in advance. The booking amount is very economical. In case of cancellation we refund the full amount if informed within a week.

You need to register with us a day prior to the procedure. We will assist, you beforehand, with your lodging and boarding by suggesting some hotels which are within your budget. If you are coming alone without a caretaker, we can have in-house stay facility.

Our team manager will assure your airport to hotel pickup.

Next day once your surgery is successfully completed you will be taken to your hotel.

The day after the surgery, you will have to come for a post-operative follow-up and your aftercare session.

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