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History of hair transplant

The first documented evidence of hair transplant was in 1822. A medical student Diffenbach, who performed on himself and his mentor who was also a surgeon, Prof.Dom Unger, enumerated on this ‘experimental surgery’. In the 19th century, male pattern baldness – MPB was given its due attention by what they then called ‘medicine men’. However, the surgery was developed in Japan during 1930 to 1940.

It was in 1959 it was under Dr.Norman Orentreich that hair transplant to treat androgenetic alopecia developed. The concepts of as ‘donor dominance’ surfaced giving a new and a modernistic angle to hair transplantation. His papers point to the start of modern hair transplantation.

Today, it is a well accepted surgery. Advances in medical technology have further made this procedure safe and that too with optimal outcome. And most importantly, the closeness to our natural flow and glow of hair was impressive.

Today, most patients get their desired result within two sessions. We at CARA recommend a detailed consultation with the doctor before going forward with hair transplant surgery.


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M.D. Dermatology

Dermatologist Dr.Mohd Asif is a trained and certified surgeon of hair transplant. He is also an aesthetic physician sought-after for skin treatments and in restoring his client’s facial youthful exuberance.



Otolaryngologist, Dr. Aleena Rehman is a certified surgeon with equipped knowledge of surgical anatomy and facial analysis, which has served as the foundation for her non-surgical cosmetic skills.

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