Hair line design

Totally unnoticeable hair line.

Hair line design

Thinning or loss of hair is a result of gradual miniaturization of hair follicles. They are also indicating of decrease in the growth phase. While in men it is the broadening of forehead because of hair loss, and in women it is exposure of scalp and widening of hair parting that can hurt the looks. Well, hair transplant surgery has solutions to it.

Hairline design is not a surgery to match the youthful charm of your hairline but to provide the best possible solution that suits your age. As the surgery is restricted to the donor region it is crucial for a patient to realize the limitations of this procedure. Therefore, we at CARA insist on a consultation with the patient before going any further with the procedure.

The hairline designs differ from man to woman. For men the frontal hairline design will be in the shape of ‘M’” or U” which widens at the temple. A woman’s hairline is more straight and oval as it frames the face.

Other factors that will be considered while undergoing hair transplant surgery are:

  The shape of a patient’s head

  Patient’s biological and genetic makeup

When planning a hairline we utilize many equipment’s and techniques such as:

  A face mask

  Da Vinci’s golden ratio

  A laser device

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Cytokine rich plasma therapy aided hair transplant.

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