FUE Technique

Revolutionary modified FUE technique.

FUE Technique

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The hair follicle is extracted from the desired area by using a motorised punch device. Once a follicle is punched & loosened, it separates grafts from the surrounding dermis making it easy for the hair follicle to be extracted without much discomfort to the patient.

The punches have to be tiny so that the scars are not seen. The holes heal in a few days. No scar is visible as the hair grows over it.

Incision and Direction:

There are various methods to select a point where hair graft is placed. We use a very fine slit maker for making incisions.

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NextGen Framework


This is the final phase that requires focus and complete attention. Each graft is cleaned and separated.

Our paramedics team and Dr Asif know the site exactly which hair follicle needs to be implanted. They are implanted individually one at a time.

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