Female pattern baldness

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Female pattern baldness

Hair loss in women is a very common problem and it may cause severe emotional distress. Around 55% of the females suffer from hair loss problems and its prevalence increase with advancing age. Female hair loss and male hair loss are different, because they both have different hormonal profile, physiological function & genetic constituents.

We have seen patients starts Minoxidil, anti-androgenic drugs or biotin by their own and feel that it’s not working for them. This is because hair loss in female is complicated and need proper work up and consultation.

Many a times hair loss is progressive which will be realised as thinning of hairs, thinning of pony tails, visible scalp on parting the hairs. Also, it could be seasonal or episodic and you feel loosing hair at frequent intervals.

Hair loss may starts all of a sudden and your feel losing hairs all the time. For eg. if you had any fever, emotional stress, keto diet or weight loss program, you may feel hair loss.

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Here are some common causes of hair loss in females:

Iron deficiency,
is again a very common factors in adult female specially in Indian population and developing countries.
Thyroid problems,
either hypo or hyperthyroidism may cause visible hair loss.
has relation to hair loss, during pregnancy quality and number of hairs increase and after a week of pregnancy hair loss started which last for one 1 years. Fortunately lost hair will come back. Also, not every pregnancy causes hair loss.
like withdrawal from Oral contraceptives medicines, few painkillers etc.Certain beauty practices can lead you to hair
Hair styles
that cause pulling on the hair providing constant traction cause traction alopecia, when the hair is pulled back from the frontal hairline, as in a ponytail, top knot etc. Hair colouring is again an important factor for hair loss by causing damage to hair shaft. You can see the stretched hair contributing to a receding hairline. Alopecia may occur in those who straighten their hair with a hot comb and use hot petrolatum with iron e.g., crimping or hot water bath etc. This causes thermal damage to the hair follicle and may eventually lead to irreversible destruction of hair follicle. Severe emotional stress may cause sudden loss of hairs.
Female pattern Hair loss (Androgenic alopecia)
This is one of the most common cause of hair loss in women. It is analogues to male pattern hair loss and characterized by thinning of hairs. Female pattern hair loss is different in a way that it affects mainly the center or diffuse portion of scalp. Bi-temporal recession of hair loss is also common with such hair loss issues. It is classified into three grades under the Ludwig classification system.

"There are some other factors like psychological stress, trichotillomania, inflammatory skin problems, chemotherapy are important causes for hair loss."

At CARA Clinic, we understand your hair loss concern and the distress associated with it. Our approach is to evaluate and treat the root cause of the hair loss problems. We are specialised in all advance treatment related to female hair loss. We provide solutions like mesotherapy, Platelet rich plasma, and hair transplant. Our doctors are certified from international bodies and provide best hair care.

Currently, the only FDA approved medications for hair loss is topical Minoxidil.

Few Low-Level light therapy devices are FDA cleared for their use in treating androgenic alopecia. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) can provide excellent results as an alternative or adjuvant to above treatments.

Medicinal treatments are a good solution for some hair loss problems. Though hair restoration surgery can give wonderful results in selective cases of localized hair loss, we request you to contact our clinic. Get a brief discussion over prognosis and treatments available with us.

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