Eye brow hair transplant

Highly safe and natural looking results.

Eye brow hair transplant

A popular beauty procedure for women and men, this treatment is perfect for those who have sparse to no eyebrows.

Fuller eyebrows add to the beauty and make your eyes look awesome.

At CARA we have treatment for eyebrows that look almost natural and enhanced.

Dr. Mohd Asif has years of experience and hands of an artist to give your eyebrows the shape you want and that which compliments your face.


This is a simple treatment where the hair follicles that resemble our eyebrows are extracted from the back of your head. They are then implanted into the thin, patchy areas of your eyebrows. In a few hours you can be on your way home looking more beautiful than ever. You will need less than 24 hours to recover from eyebrow transplant surgery.


The cost varies as it depends on factors like the eyebrow coverage area, the number of hair grafts needed to create the desired look, and the density desired of the eyebrows.

Revolutionary modified fue technique. Enquire Here

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