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“The aesthetic correction that I emphasize upon is one that is most natural; one that enhances my patient’s confidence and makes them feel wonderful. This is what I am passionate about.” Dr. Mohd Asif built on the bedrock of looking as close to your natural self as possible, CARA Aesthetics accentuates the beauty you are born with. Founded by Dr. Mohd Asif, M.D, skin, the clinic is focused on specific aesthetic procedures such as hair restoration procedures, non-surgical nose jobs, platelet rich plasma, anti-ageing & skin care treatments.

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what we do

Hair transplant

"Giving you back your debonair look"

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Non-Surgical Aesthetics

"Adding volume to your beauty"

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Platelet Rich Plasma

"A natural way to erase wrinkles"

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

"Get the shape of nose you want"

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We Treat

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Ageing face

The jowl around your jawline, the crow’s feet near your eyes and the overall drooping of the skin are a given in old age. All these problems can be treated at CARA Aesthetics where we make you look young again. We use safe dermal fillers, threads, and PRP treatments to give you a better version of yourself and restore the beautiful you.

Agieng Hands Treatment

Ageing hands

The skin on your face can be firm and smooth, but the wrinkles on the back of your hands are an immediate giveaway of your age. Our injectable dermal filler treatments give hands which you had in your youth. For smooth beautiful hands that we all love, we at CARA Aesthetics give you the right treatment.

Wrinkles Treatment


Wrinkles come with age and hastened by sun damage. At CARA Aesthetics, we give you the perfect treatment by using safe injectables like dermal fillers, botulinum toxin A and turning the clock back in time for your face. Look young; look beautiful, your time is now.

Imperfect Nose Treatment

Nose imperfections

An imperfect nose can jar the beauty of your lovely face. We at CARA Aesthetics carry out non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure with injectable dermal fillers to give your nose the shape you want. Get a sharp nose and enhance your alluring face with the added charm; At CARA Aesthetics, we have a nose for this!

Crow's Feet Treatment

Crow’s feet

No line should rob the charm from your smile. We at CARA Aesthetics treat crow’s feet with safe injectable that will restore youthfulness around eye.

Marionette Lines Tretment

Marionette lines

We are constantly moving our mouth whether it is to smile, speak or eat. The areas around our mouth soon become loose causing lines to run downwards at the corners of our mouth. At CARA Aesthetics we treat this condition by injecting dermal filler to erase those harsh lines.

Sagging Face Treatment

Sagging face

As we age our skin begins to sag. At CARA Aesthetics, we treat sagging skin by injecting dermal filler, slowly and carefully giving you a taut and silken skin.

Jow Lines Remove


See that pockets on the jaw-line; and the loose skin hanging as a part of aging? At CARA Aesthetics we take care of those pockets by safely injecting dermal fillers making the contour of your face perfect.

Weak Chin

Weak chin

A weak chin is a jaw line that looks pushed back. This creates an imbalance in the facial feature which is corrected at CARA Aesthetics. We conduct a non-surgical jaw alignment procedure to bring harmony in your lovely features.

Gummy Smile treatment

Gummy Smile

While smiling, do you ever feel that your gum tissues are overshadowing your overall appeal? If your answer is ‘yes,’ you may have a gummy smile. At CARA Aesthetics, we carefully relax muscles near the nose to bring your lips down while you smile.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss

Receding hairline can cause a lot a tension. Not just that, loss of hair can beat down your self-confidence. At CARA Aesthetics we undertake to carry out the hair transplant repair along with CIT giving you the lush mane you always want to flaunt.

female Pattern Hair Loss

Female pattern hair loss

Female pattern baldness causes portion of scalp to be seen through bald patches. This can beat down anyone’s self-confidence. We restore the lushness and thickness to your hair so that you can proudly show off your gleaming tresses.

Tear Trough Treatment

Tear trough

As we age we develop tear trough folds near our eyes making us older than we are or simply tired and weary. At CARA Aesthetics, we lift these folds non-surgically making your face alluring.

Thin Lips Treatment

Thin lips

Thin lips seem to disappear inside when you smile. If you feel awkward with this smile or you want to enhance shape of your lips naturally, we treat it by injecting safe dermal filler and giving your lips the thickness or the shape you want.

Wrinkles Treatment

Wrinkles around lips

Lines around the lips when you smile? erase them at CARA Aesthetics where we inject dermal fillers safely and carefully to bring the bounce back into your skin.


From hair transplant, platelet rich plasma, liquid rhinoplasty, anti-ageing, & skin care treatments, you will see just how effective aesthetic techniques are.

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Our Doctors



M.D. Dermatology

Dermatologist, Dr.Mohd Asif is a trained and certified surgeon of hair transplant. He is also an aesthetic physician sought-after for skin treatments and in restoring his client’s facial youthful exuberance.

Dr. Aleena Rehman

Dr. Aleena Rehman


Otolaryngologist, Dr. Aleena Rehman is a certified surgeon with equipped knowledge of surgical anatomy and facial analysis, which has served as the foundation for her non-surgical cosmetic skills.

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